May 29, 2017    
  08:30-09:00   Registration | LNEC Congress Center
  09:00-12:45   Welcome and communications sessions
09:00-09:15 Welcome to participants 
09:15-09:35 Developing value | Agnes Brokerhof, Anna Buelow and Janien Kemp
09.35-09:55 The values of dissonant heritage: how to manage the legacy of nazism and others dictatorships, a challenge for the present | Ascensión Hernández Martínez
09:55-10:15 Two artworks by Maximiano Alves for the combatants of the Great War, Lisbon: their comparison and significance | Agnès Le Gac, Ricardo Lopes and Martim Arinto
10:15-10:35 Production technology and techno-historical value in faience azulejos | João Manuel Mimoso and Lurdes Esteves
  10:35-10:45   Discussion
  10:45-11:15   Coffee break
11:15-11:35 Industrial masonry chimneys. A forgotten symbol or a cherished heritage? | Nicole C. Cardoso, Marluci Menezes and Paulina Faria
11:35-11:55 The assignment of heritage value to the osteological teaching collection of the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts | Diana Dinis, Isabel Ritto and Alice Alves
11:55-12:15 Aesthetics, utility and values: a systematization of glazed ceramics in the façades of modernist architecture | Catarina Geraldes, Alexandre Pais and João Manuel Mimoso
12:15-12:35 Heritage considerations and challenges from ancient DNA analysis: a preliminary approach expanding from the Greek legal and ethical network | Eugenia Tabakaki and Dimitris Kafetzopoulos
  12:35-12:45   Discussion
  12:45-14:10   Lunch at LNEC
14:10-18:00     Communications session 
14:10-14:30 Is it museum-worthy? Manuel de Macedo’s activity as an art expert within the suppression of religious orders | Vera Mariz
14:30-14:50 Barons' of Trovisqueira woolen mill, at Riba d'Ave - first layer on a oblivion stratigraphy | Mário Bruno Pastor, Eduarda Vieira and Juan Manuel Cano Sanchiz
14:50-15:10 Heritage valorization through reutilization: the case of São Sebastião Chapel in Évora | Virgínia Glória Nascimento, Fernando Baptista Pereira, António Candeias and Alice Nogueira Alves
15:10-15:30 Values assessment towards decision-making in conservation: the Viceregal Portrait Collection of Portuguese India | Teresa Teves Reis, António Candeias and Fernando António Baptista Pereira
15:30-15:50 Identity and architectural values of the monastery of São Bento de Cástris in the period 1957-2005 | Patrícia Salomé Faustino, Sofia Aleixo and Antónia Fialho Conde
  15:50-16:00   Discussion
  16:00-16:30   Coffee break
16:30-16:50 The tenth sense of preventive conservation the inventory and study of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon Collections | Alice Nogueira Alves and Marta Frade
16:50-17:10 Paradores of Spain: a window to heritage, tourism and hospitality | Laccy Silva
17:10-17:30 The importance of technological knowledge for the valorization of azulejo heritage | Sílvia Pereira, Marluci Menezes and Kate van Lookeren Campagne
17:10-17:30 Metamorphosis. The core of the azulejo tradition in Portugal | Alexandre Nobre Pais
  17:50-18.00   Discussion
20:00     Congressional dinner

May 30, 2017    
09:00-12:40     Communications sessions
09:00-09:20 Social housing as a heritage site. reflections on the urban rehabilitation of Caño Roto | Noelia Cervero
09:20-09:40 Introducing the heritage value matrix: connecting matter and meaning in built heritage | Nicholas Clarke and Marieke Kuipers
09:40-10:00 Classification of the processes of production and transformation of urban heritage | José Miguel Silva
10:00-10:20 The archive oh historical materials in digital era as cultural value | António Santos Silva, Marluci Menezes and Maria João Correia 
10:20-10:30 Discussion
  10:30-11:00   Coffee break
11:00-11:20 Questioning the “bottom-up” concept in the cultural heritage study and safeguard is this a condescending or even discriminatory term? | Filomena Sousa
11:20-11:40 Practical intangibility: the fort, the king, the saint and the islands | Jason Bolton
11:40-12:00 Conserving places of memories: on social significance and justice | Hélia Marçal
12:00-12:20 The impact of politics and ideology on the transformation of heritage values: haci Bayram District in Ankara, Turkey | Özgün Özçakır, Ayşe Güliz Bilgin Altınöz and Anna Mignosa
12:20-12:30 Discussion
  12:30-14:10   Lunch at LNEC
14:10-18:30     Communications session 
14:10-14:30 The integration of azulejos in the modernist architecture of Portugal as a unique case in Europe | Catarina Geraldes, Alexandre Pais and João Manuel Mimoso
14:30-14:50 Public policies for the protection of Brazilian architectural heritage: a case study | Aline Eyng Savi, Liliana Esteves, Julia Marcello Dal Molin and Lays Juliani Hespanhol
14:50-15:10 The world patrimonialization processes: the case of Ver-o-Peso (BR) | Maisa Fonseca de Almeida and Joana d'Arc de Oliveira
15:10-15:30 Transformations and permanences in urban river landscapes | Yara Galdino and Lúcia Costa
15:30-15:50 Traditional adobe buildings in the Alto Ribatejo Region | Jorge Mascarenhas and Maria de Lurdes Belgas
  15:50-16:00   Discussion
  16:00-16:30   Coffee break
16:30-16:50 Windows from a Lisbon Palace. heritage values for sustainable construction | Armando Pinto, Dulce Franco and Odete Domingues
16:50-17:10 Functional rehabilitation of heritage buildings based on reinforced concrete structural elements. Cultural/historic values and public utility to consider | José Miranda Dias, António Santos, Armando Pinto, Luís Matias and Teresa Santos
17:10-17:30 Assessment of the hygrothermal air conditions of the science Museum of the University of Coimbra | Luísa Dias Pereira, Adélio Rodrigues Rodrigues Gaspar, José Joaquim Costa and Gilberto Pereira
17:30-17:50 Space and memory: written sources and oral history when planning urban renewal | Margarida Reis e Silva
  17:50-18:00   Discussion
  18:00-18.30   Closing Remarks


  • Cinema and heritage: places of memory as inspiration for the seventh art in Brazil | Jéssica de Fátima Rossone Alves, Cláudia dos Reis Paiva and Daniel de Almeida Moratori
  • Venice Charter, 1964: basis, agents and premises for its contextualization | Patricia Viceconti Nahas
  • Distribution of goods circulation and services tax revenue as a mechanism for safeguarding cultural assets: an analysys of the Minas Gerais State’s Program | Wilian D. H. Amaral, Guilherme V. L. Brandão and José A. B. Castañon
  • Imaging evaluation of local treatments for foxed papers | Marta Matos, Francisca Figueira and Teresa Ferreira
  • The Caramela dwelling – the immateriality of the matter | Teresa Sampaio, Inês Oliveira and Paulina Faria
  • Tangible heritage of a building-stone mining in the Vistula River Valley at the Kazimierz Dolny vicinity, Poland | Alicja Bobrowska and Joanna Pinińska
  • Identity and architectural values of the monastery of São Bento de Cástris (1957-2005) - Patrícia Salomé Faustino, Sofia Aleixo and Antónia Fialho Conde